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Family Visas - Milwaukee, WI

One of our main goals at The Law Office of Mary L. Radzimowski is to help families reunite in the United States.  Each year we obtain many visas for relatives of U.S. citizens and legal permanent residents.  

U.S. citizens may obtain immigrant visas for their spouses, parents and unmarried children under 21 years of age. There is never a waiting list for these “immediate relatives” of U.S. citizens. Certain other relatives of U.S. citizens can also get visas.  

Legal Permanent Residents of the U.S. can also get immigrant visas for their spouses, children and unmarried sons and daughters over 21. However, relatives of permanent residents must wait on a list in order to obtain a visa. Because these waiting lists are long, sometimes there is a danger that children will “age out” before they can get a visa.  In these cases it is very important to have good legal representation in order to see that these children’s immigration status is protected. 

Family immigration is quite complex.  Many different factors can affect it, such as the past immigration history of the person you are trying to bring over, marriages and divorces involved and even prior immigration petitions that were filed for the beneficiary.  An experienced immigration lawyer can guide you though this process and help you get every benefit to which you are entitled. 

Attorney Mary L. Radzimowski has over 15 years of experience in reuniting families with their loved ones in the United States.  She can help you make your family complete in the United states. 

E-mail Attorney Radzimowski today or give her a call at (414) 224-8144 to evaluate your case.