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E-1 and E-2 Investor Visas - Milwaukee, WI

If you have invested money in this country or are in the process of investing, or if you would like to engage in trade between the U.S. and your own country, you may be eligible for an E-1 or E-2 investor visa. 

E-1 visas are for people who trade between the U.S. and their own country.  E-2 visas are for people who invest money in the U.S. In either case the person who applies for one of these visas must be from a country that has a treaty which allows for this type of visa. 

E visas exist so that people can come here to operate their businesses.  The E visa holder must be a person “at the top” of the organization in order to get this visa.   

In some cases people who work for E-1 or E-2 visa holders can also get E status.  They must be coming to work in the business in an executive or supervisory capacity or have specialized knowledge that is necessary in order to run the business. They must have the same nationality as the principal E visa holder employer.

E visas are given for two years at a time.  They may be renewed indefinitely as long as the person is still operating the business under which they received the visa.  Their spouses and children may also get E visa status, and may apply for employment authorization in the U.S. or attend school here.

 Obtaining E visa status is a complex process.  In each case various factors must be proven about the ownership and conduct of the business.  These things are proven differently depending on the circumstances of each case.  Attorney Radzimowski has a proven track record of winning E visa cases. Let her put her 15 years of immigration law experience to work for you.  E-mail Attorney Radzimowski today or call her at (414) 224-8144 to see if you can qualify for E status.